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pistachio wholesale price on market

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is pistachio nutritious?pistachio wholesale production

Knowing the pistachio wholesale price on the market before buying can play a decisive role in the order amount. Pistachio is one of the best examples of nuts that has high medicinal and therapeutic properties. One of the most important and best commercial and popular cultivars of pistachio, which fortunately has a good position among domestic consumers as well as foreign buyers, is fresh and organic raw pistachio. High quality pistachios will play an effective role in more and higher sales. Because its indescribable taste and benefits draw every customer to it.

pistachio wholesale price on market

is pistachio nutritious?

is pistachio nutritious? As you know, pistachio is very nutritious and plays an important role in people’s health. Therefore, pistachio consumption is recommended for all people, especially children and the elderly.

bulk shelled Pistachios is suitable for the health of many parts of the body such as the heart, blood vessels, immune system, vision, etc. There are 570 calories in every 100 grams of pistachios. Pistachio is one of the most nutritious oilseeds, which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Pistachio is very effective in losing weight due to its high fiber and is even used as a diet food. Some people believe that nut seeds cause obesity and that is why these seeds are rarely used, but what is very important is that pistachios even cause weight loss because it speeds up the body’s metabolism. 

One of the features of this nut is that it is available at all intervals and times and can be used. The amount of sodium in pistachios is very low and even zero, which makes it more popular than other nuts because the lower the amount of sodium, the better for people with high blood pressure.

pistachio wholesale production

pistachio wholesale production The main production of pistachios in Iran in 2020 was 574,987 tons, which has made this country the first in the world. After Iran, the United States came in second with 272,291 tons and China came in third with 95,294 tons. The amount of pistachio production in Iran is about 575 thousand tons per year and only 10% of this product is consumed domestically and the other 90% is exported.

The global value of pistachio exports was $ 1.81 billion, of which the US share was $ 842.75 million, Hong Kong’s share was $ 359.66 million and Iran’s share was $ 199.36 million (11%).

It should be noted that the wholesale raw pistachios of Iranian will bring high profits for commercial companies. Because they are of high quality and have a better price than other pistachios produced in foreign countries.

Iran and the United States are the two main countries in the production and export of pistachios in the world. In such a way that about seventy to eighty percent of the annual production of pistachios has been in the possession of these two countries. But in the meantime, the quality of Iranian pistachios plays a leading role in the world.

Finally, in order to be able to buy packaged pistachios with high quality and first-class and at the same time cheap price, you can make this possible by buying directly from sellers and reputable store sites such as this center.

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Collection … invite you for buy the best Pistachio, Akbari Pistachio, Jumbo Pistachio, Cal pistachio kernels, Green pistachio kernels

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